Friday, April 11, 2008

Office 2007 Helper

MS Word 2003-2007 Demo

MS Excel 2003-2007 Demo

MS Powerpoint 2003-2007 Demo

MS Access 2003-2007 Demo

MS Outlook 2007 Help

For the above links : Just click on the Start the Guide link once arriving at the demo web page.

Access Help

Access Demos

Download the Free Office 2007 Compatibility Pack Viewer

provided by D. Smith

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Alex said...

So,several weeks ago I was at my friend's house and noticed there - outlook pst explorer. As he told the software was on his computer some time. I used it and was glad reason of the software restored my 21 old damaged emails and more than the utility made it for free as I kept in mind. What is more I presented a bottle of wine for my friend:)